A Ball of String

Trying to pin down this information of a spiritual journey is like catching snowflakes on your tongue. There are plenty of flakes everywhere, but sometimes it is hard to capture one. My thoughts are like that.

However, there is a spiritual principle in Shamanism that might explain this: All times being as one.

I think of it as that ball of string that Grandmother Martin used to have, tying on more bits as they came into her life. It was wound tightly and contained a variety of strings.

In Shamanism, and Shamanic Journeys in particular, we drill down through space and time, as if we were drilling down through that ball of string. We are able to get to different places in time and space quickly, often mysteriously.

We will spend quite a bit of time on Shamanic Journeys in the course of our Kindergarten. But for now, understand that shamanism is not a linear nor a logical process. Study astro physics if you want to get a more intellectual idea of what I’m talking about.

And so my posts will also not follow a clear linear outline. All times being as one. It won’t matter in the end.

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