Art and Fear

Childhood – Fearless. My grandmother Glennie taught me how to paint.  Age 13

This isn’t art. I’m just a knitter, quilter, sewer. I made one of these when I was 12, the other at 13. Such confidence then. My mother and grandmother Glennie made me believe I could do anything, or be anyone.

“Your sisters are the artists!” I was squished between an artistic sandwich. It took me a long, long time before I called myself an artist.

When I began, my art was very, very small. Now, it is a bit larger.

If you don’t know what your doing: do it quickly. Maybe no one will notice.

Often I let what others thought influence me. I felt weighted down.

Then there were things I needed to express, but family secrets stopped me. well, not entirely.

There are many ways to learn to become an artist. Is using the grid system like Paint By Numbers?

Coping masters is another method.

I became bolder. Self portraits surfaced, some surprisingly revealing.

Express yourself. I’m on fire. Am I an artist yet?

Some of my art was not quickly produced. Garden of Eden, handwoven, knitted, beaded took me a year to make. How does one put a price on such a thing. I love my sassy serpent with her cell phone. You can tell the era based on the “life-size” cell phone. I’m guessing the 1990’s, but would love others to venture a guess. I can’t find these photos. But I still have the piece to make new ones.

Fear About Others

Some times I want to be part of the pack. At other times I want stardom.

With few galleries in which to show my art, I decided to begin Wearable Art. I often collaborated with others about Social Justice Issues.
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The marketplace, however, wanted “pretty” stuff. I obliged. I made over 300 one-of-a-kind drapeaux. All started white (except those that started black), and many had up to ten layers of dyeing, printing, and discharging.

Finding My Voice

Because I like learning new methods and use of materials, I often feel scattered. I like to experiment. One of my most daring moves was to enter an out door installation competition at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum. In 2007 my Prayer Flags for Peace was installed. Things do not always work as planned. But over 30,000 prayers were added.