Connect the Dots

I’ve been musing about my blog. Although I am spending many hours each day on writing, I am not writing my blog. So how did I think writing was a good idea?
Those of you who get this — less than my fingers and toes — are like my guardian angels, always present but very quiet. So I will add you to the numerous guardian spirits who have influenced my life. Be prepared. I may communicate with you in the same way that I communicate with them — unless you have other preferences.

Why am I writing a blog? Because well intentioned friends said that it would help my social media presence.

Why do I need to increase my social media presence? Because a publisher is only interested in writers with an established audience.

Why do I need a publisher? Because I have finished book one of my trilogy, Carrot Seed Tea.

Why do I want people to read Carrot Seed Tea? Because Sarai is an interesting historical figure whose is given more press in the Bible than the Mary’s combined.

Why is Sarai relevant to today? Because she is buried in the Tomb of the Patriarchs and was buried there FIRST.

Why was she buried there first? Because her husband paid a large sum of money for this site because she was a woman of status.

Why would a barren old woman be considered a woman of status? Because perhaps there is more to this story than the Bible reports.

What does Sarai have to do with Shamanic Kindergarten? Four thousand years ago people were strongly connected to Spirit. How did that work? I began to do research.

Was Sarai a “modern day shaman”? Yes, just like me.

Do I really need to write a blog? No. I think I need to do my spiritual work.