Feeling the Chakras

Healers of all varieties are aware that blocked energy causes illness. We cannot have spiritual understanding if our root chakra is blocked. Or, when we have writers’ block, a blockage in the energy of the fifth chakra may be the cause.
For Shaman Kindergarten, the goal is to be able to feel the chakras in ourselves and others.
HOMEWORK: Once again using the palm of your hand, scan your body up and down the center. See if you can notice energy bumps where the chakras exert their presence. I find it helpful to close my eyes so that I can “see” better.
Next find a friend or partner who is willing to have you experience on feeling their chakras. Have the person lie on the floor, put a cushion under their knees for comfort. Now, move the palm of your hand over where you might expect a chakra to be. See if you can find it.
How did that experiment work for you? I’d love to know successes and failures.