Feeling the Difference

As we began to feel the energy in our hands, we may also begin to sense that everything has its own energy, its own vibration. Those with special instruments can prove this up scientifically, but shamans have known this for a long time.
Our eyes often confuse us. We think we understand our reality, believe in its fixed view. But by closing our eyes we can see differently, and by closing our eyes we can FEEL differently. I am talking about sensing, not emoting.

I love this experiment best in nature because its vibration is so strong. But if you want to do this at your desk, find four objects: one of wood, one of metal, one of stone, one of any other material. Have them about the same size. Close you eyes and then do the “shell game” with them to “confuse yourself.” Without opening your eyes, place the palm of your hand over these objects. Let it hover a few inches above them. See if you notice a difference. No? Activate your hands again by rubbing them together and try again.


  1. Hi Zannah,

    This reminds me of the conversations we used to have over lunch when you lived in Minnesota and were exploring all these spiritual paths, working on your memoir, and constantly evolving. I miss those lunches!

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