Fluffing your Energy Body

In Shaman Kindergarten, we want to have our energy fields to be full and bright. Usually we met in a person’s home, seated on the floor, rather than around a campfire in the wilderness, which all shamans would prefer. So how do we transition to spiritual work in the city?

Sit quietly and breathe slowly. I always like to close my eyes. The better to see. Next we begin a breathing sequence that helps oxygenate the body and also helps to fluff our energy field.

INHALE two quick breaths through the nose, followed by one SLOW EXHALE through the mouth. Again. Again. Again. For about five minutes, or as long as you feel is right — all times being as one.

Now, read your body’s energy field with the back of your hand. It should feel like a puffed up egg with you in the middle.

If you are adept, you might find “holes” or “dark” places in your energy. If so, trying the breathing exercise again, paying particular attention to the areas of weakness,