Glennie Vandevier Cline Carpenter Boyd

Age 13Suzannah in 1959, age 13
Grandmother! The vivacious woman with a ready smile, nice enough to have three husbands. She outlived the first two and we all expected that she would outlive the third. But what we wish and our experiences don’t always match.

As a child she taught me how to sew plaid skirts with box pleats and matched plaids. I used this same technique this Halloween for my Wonder Grandmother costume, since my Wonder Woman figure is long gone. She also taught me to knit. My first, and only, oil painting was done at her home over a vacation there.

She also taught me about money management. As a child I would overhear adult conversations about her Investment Club. My guess is that this is during Marriage #2. With #1 she raised children, managed a household, was active in church and, I’m sure, philanthropic organizations suitable for a woman born in 1899.

But she had an inheritance from her first marriage and I know that she and Tom, #2, worked to keep their finances and bequests separate, so as not to alienate any of the younger generation. It is interesting what children absorb. I need to remember this as my grandchildren sit quietly at the table just listening.

So Grandmother Glennie taught me that women were capable of handling money, making decisions about money, and could be independent of the men they loved.