Healing the Self

The University of Minnesota has a Creative Arts Program called Split Rock Art Program. I called it summer camp for adults. Spending a week writing, painting, weaving or any other manner of “PLAY” without responsibilities of work, family, or daily choreswas truly a gift. I went for many, many years and am indebted to the professional artists/teachers who guided me there.

So while I do not have transcripts, I have been educated by the best. My writing career which circles around my shamanism like a vulture, began publicly in a one week workshop by Christina Baldwin entitled “Self Is The Source of the Story.” In this creative environment, we began with a guided meditation each time we met. Christina was my Shaman. She led me into the Inner Room, a safe place where my small, broken self could be protected while I wrote.

I have used this technique for probably thirty years. It is deep work, healing work, and it is shamanic work. To ignore this spiritual protection when dealing with trauma, is to invite psychic distress. I know from my own experience as I wrote a memoir about incest.

The Inner Room Close your eyes. Breathe slowly and deeply. Imagine a room, a beautiful room. It has no doors. No one, no entity, no thing may come into this room unless you invite it in. Look around. It is a comfortable place. How is it decorated? What is the shape of the room? Does it have windows? What are the wall like? What is the texture and feel of everything in the room? Explore. Try out the furniture. Replace any furniture that isn’t comfortable. Bring into the room any artwork you would like. Are their momentos or pets you would like in your room? Make it just the way you want. If it has windows, what do you see out of your window.

Now, invite an entity into your room to protect you. It could be a person you know, living or dead, or a pet, or an animal. Notice who or what comes to mind.

When your inner self, is safe and protected, feel free to leave the room to write or journal. But upon completion, return to the room. Thank your guardians.