One Year to Live

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Life is so interesting. Thank you for subscribing to my blog.

Spirit Rock Meditation Center has been a place of calm and meditation for Chuck and I since we moved here. We have both taken week-long retreats on The Spirituality of Aging.

Now we are involved in a year long study of One Year to Live, based on Stephen Levine’s book. We met this morning.

We were given a handout of questions for reflection. With today’s meditation it became clear to me that I have been listening to well meaning voices that are not serving me well.

1. My books are important to me. Set 4000 years ago they are still a woman’s struggle with living up to family expectatons, the mores of society, the accepting of one’s gifts, and the developing of wisdom as one ages. They are my story as well as Sarai’s.
2. I do not need to be famous.
3. I do not need to develop a following.
4. I do not need anyone to listen to my blathering.
5. Search Engine Optimization is not how I want to spend my energy nor are web site metrics.

Sigh. So there you have it. Breath in, breath out.

Knowing that I will die, how do I want to live differently.
I send my love to you and all beings. May we be free from fear and anxiety. May we find peace.