Reading Our Own Energy Body

Gradually we are able to read our energy. We are most intimate with our internal energy. Ah, I’m tired. I need a nap. or What a great day. I think I’ll climb to Twin Peaks today.

We also exude energy in many forms. The chakras that we have been talking about have palpable energy, energy that we can feel with our hands. Together these energy centers create an energy field. If our energy is strong, we are able to rebuff negative energies.

When our mood is low, we are more apt to catch a cold than when when we are up. The question is: which comes first.

I believe that if we keep our energy bodies strong, we maintain our health.

HOMEWORK: Sit quietly. Close your eyes. Take several deep breaths to calm your breath and your heart. With the BACK of your hands slowly push out from the center of your body until you can feel the edge of your energy body.
Some days our energy body fits like a glove, other days, we are surrounded by a large fluffy cloud of energy.

How is your energy field today? Let me know.