Restoring Your Energy Body

Restoring your energy/energy body can be done in many ways. An easy way is to lie on the ground. There is nothing like it. We, in the United States, have been brought up in cities and instructed to “stay clean.” My cousins on the farm could frolic in the mud and muck. They weren’t afraid of getting dirty nor of the rain.

Playing in the rain is restorative. Water has so many cleansing effects. One of my fondest memories was camping in a torrential rain. The rain fly was filling with water. So rather than get our PJ’s wet, we stripped down and dumped the water. Once out in the dark in the midst of the rain, we became giddy kids again.

Connecting with Mother Nature in any way restores the soul. A forest of redwoods. A Hawaiian beach. A city lake. A backyard. A city park. A farm. A desert. A mountain. A rocky perch.

Where do you restore your soul?


  1. Now days wevwould get arrested for stripping down naked in the rain–but there still is the Boundary Waters in Mn and other remote places! I like to just recline in the stuff and watch the clouds

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