The Gift of Music – Jeanette Groff

piano keyboard

Down in the basement of our elementary school was the music room where Miss Groff presided. She was prim, with a dark bun wound tightly at the base of her neck. In her space we learned to sing, learned about reading music, and learned to play the tonnettes, a type of flute suited to elementary school students.

The Indianapolis Symphony also supported a program called The Music Memory Program. Each year a variety of music was chosen. Lower grades learned to recognize only a few songs, but as we progressed the list grew longer. We needed to be able to recognize the piece, its composer, and its various themes. I enjoy classical music today because of this introduction.

As with many things in school we were tested. The reward for many of us with high scores throughout the city was to have a final exam in a large auditorium with the symphony playing live. It was thrilling. Thank you Jeanette Groff for the gift of music.