The Word Shaman Makes Me Afraid

What is it about foreign words that make us squirm? Is it the same as saying I’m a Muslim? or I’m a Buddhist? or does it sound more like I’m a witch? or I’m the devil? or I’m evil?

The intent of my blog is to share some of what I know with others. I have been on a long spiritual journey, inside and outside of churches, in forests, by lakes, in and by oceans, on mountain peaks and in their valleys.

I have been in 12 Step recover since March 3, 1988. Many don’t want to enter the doors of these meetings for fear that the “God stuff” will be forced upon them. That is very far from the truth. In these meetings we all may find the “God of our understanding.”

Spiritual journey equates to healing journey. Shamanism is the same as ministry to myself and others. Shamanism is compassion for myself, others, and the world.

What is your word for it?