Turtle Meditation

Kalani Honua, one of our favorite places to stay on the Big Island of Hawaii, has changed over the years. They now have electricity, but it still has rustic feel of shared community. The showers of the small cabins have large plants growing beyond the screen for limited privacy. I love it.

Yoga and other types of spiritual retreats are continually hosted at Kalani. The opportunity for individual retreats is also offered. I made my first lauhala bracelet there and I bring it with me on each return visit.

One of my favorite forms of mediation at Kalani is to cross the street to a small patch of land. It appears that other souls have carted sand to cushion the sharp lava here. On this small promentory, high above the crashing waves there is nothing but ocean to see. There is no other land of any sort until the west coast of the United States is reached.

Here is where I commune with the sea turtles. It feels a miracle that I can even see their heads surface for air. They are like coconuts bobbing in the surf. Very little effort is expended on their part to remain free from the razor shore.

Flow with the currents.