Whale Mugging

Alaskan humpback whales migrate every year to the warm, calm, preditor free waters of Hawaii to mate and to give birth. These magestic creatures continue to excite me. That they allow us to be near is one of those mysteries.

Their brains are almost four times larger than ours or about 10 pounds. How do they use their brains? We’ve been told that they sing a song, which changes from year to year in some small measure. All the humpbacks, regardless of location, sing the same song. I find that amazing, and encouraging.

Instead of killing these mammals, we now travel in boats large and small to get as close as the protective rules allow. Our favorite whale watch boat is Maui Adventure Cruises, Slip 11 out of Lahaina. They are fast, small, inflatable boats. We have never been disappointed and year after year our experience exceeds the previous.

A whale watch is a time for me to pray to the spirit of the whale. I thank them for allowing us into their world. I tell them we mean no harm.

Over the years we have had babies give us a thirty minute show of breaches and whale tail slaps of pure joy. Others have decided to rest beneath our little boat so that a masked head looking down into the water can see eye to eye with a whale. And often, they swim near and around us so that as we bob with engine shut down, even I with a small cell phone can get a phenomenal photo.

End of March is pushing the end of the season for whales. Some are still here, but in the interest of full disclosure, the photo was from a previous visit.

I loved being mugged by a whale.

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